Our powerful clinical programs focus on the source of each client’s addiction and mental health issues. By exposing the root cause and healing it at its core, clients are able to accept past experiences and begin looking toward the future, feeling confident and reassured in themselves and their goals.

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Services We Offer

Throughout the day, clients participate in a combination of therapy sessions, such as brain wellness, cognitive behavioral therapy and healthy relationship groups, and physical activities, such as yoga, tennis and pool fitness. This variety offers clients several outlets to release negative emotions and build up their mental and physical strength.

Though we offer a large assortment of therapies, we work with each client to create a personalized treatment plan that incorporates only the services that will best address their specific needs.

Highly Experienced Staff

Our high-caliber staff are fully licensed to treat both addiction and mental health disorders. Clients have the benefit of meeting one-on-one with licensed, highly trained therapists who are passionate about what they do. Our high staff-to-client ratio permits each client to promptly and consistently receive in-depth, personal care.

Dr. Priya Chaudhri
CEO / Owner

Steve Booth
COO / Owner

Geoffrey Booth, M.D.
Independently Affiliated Physician

Richard Sandor, M.D.
Independently Affiliated Physician

Bobby Kane
Marketing / Admissions Coordinator

Dr. Marisa Sisk
Clinical Director

Jade Dearing
Primary Therapist

Marie Fayz
Office Manager

Max Chesnoff
Administrative Manager

Riley Shepherd
Operations Manager

Blake Klein
Lead Tech

Hannah Ryser

Harold Kiwutila

Kamerin Roark

Kristin Reynolds

Michelle Urbano

Luis Gutierrez

Tanguy Gbasa
Executive Chef


Healing the mind and body takes more than just clinical assistance—it takes proper nutrition, exercise and sleep. We will work with each client to develop these healthy habits and pinpoint ways they can naturally heal their bodies. We also offer several holistic treatment options, such as meditation.

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Our Accreditations

We are proud to be fully accredited and licensed to operate as a residential treatment facility in beautiful Malibu California. We are licensed as a mental health rehabilitation center with the Department of Health Care Services and as a community care facility with the Department of Social Services, and we are working on obtaining our Joint Commission accreditation.

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