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Things You Should Know About Dual Diagnosis Rehab In Malibu CA

Dual diagnosis occurs when an individual is suffering from both drug or/and alcohol addiction and mental illness. In situations like this, things can be really complicated. Treating patients with dual diagnosis is usually very difficult due to the fact that the two conditions tend to aggravate the situation.

There are certain symptoms of addiction that are very similar to the symptoms of mental illness, sometimes, this makes it very difficult to figure out what the actual cause is.

For the high-risk nature of patients with dual diagnosis and the reasons mentioned above, it very important that people suffering from dual diagnosis seek help from dual diagnosis rehab in Malibu CA with lots of experience regarding the issue. This is why we are in Malibu CA to help you. We have a lot of experienced and trained staff to help you or your loved one through their recovery process. We have the best and most qualified doctors a dual diagnosis rehab can have. We have made a list of thing you should know about dual diagnosis rehab in Malibu CA. The include the following:

It Usually Begins with Detoxification

Dual diagnosis rehab in Malibu CA usually begins with the detoxification of alcohol and drugs from the body system of the addict. If at this period the patient is taking any drug for their mental illness, our staff will help them to administer those drugs carefully. They will provide them will all they need during the process of detoxification. The detoxification process is not really an easy process for patients, but with the help of professional medical staffs, patients will find the process less uncomfortable.

Simultaneous Treatment for Both Conditions

In dual diagnosis rehab in Malibu CA, the most important thing is treating alcohol and/or drug addiction and mental illness simultaneously. Treating one condition without treating the other condition, or treating one condition now and treating the other later is only going to bring improvement to one condition and the expense of the other condition. So when looking for dual diagnosis rehab, it is crucial you choose a dual diagnosis rehab in Malibu CA that has experience and a higher success rate of treating dual diagnosis issues.

Dual Diagnosis Patient are High-Risk Patients

Coping with addiction alone is quite difficult, and when it comes with a condition such as mental illness, it can sometimes get out of hand. Patients with dual diagnosis tend to have a very high suicide rate and are prone to violence. So if your loved one is diagnosed with dual diagnosis, it is important you get them to a dual diagnosis rehab as quick as possible so they will not hurt themselves and every one around them.

Creating a Success Plan

For a rehab plan to succeed, we’ll have to create a solid action plan for the patient after their program and for their life when they leave the program. This plan is very important for a patient with a dual diagnosis. The main reason is that patients with dual diagnosis have a higher chance of relapse. So we will help them design a plan that will help prevent relapse.


Dual Diagnosis Rehab Malibu Ca
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