Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers In Malibu California

5 Questions For Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers In Malibu, California

So let’s say that we have a friend or a loved one who is in need of a stay at one of the many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that the city of Malibu, California has to offer. There are going to be certain questions that need to be asked if we are going to find the drug and alcohol addiction assistance that we need and the treatment centers in Malibu, California that are best able to serve our needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the following queries, so that we are able to find the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Malibu, California and avoid the typical issues. Be sure to read on and learn more…

1) What Are The Steps of the Program?

Thanks to the media’s portrayal of addiction treatment, there is a pervasive idea that all treatment centers rely on a 12 step program in order to rehabilitate patients. Not only is this untrue, but it ignores the fact that there are a wide range of different programs out there for us to choose from. Each step of the program should be explained in detail so that the patient knows exactly what to expect.

2) Are Any Guarantees Being Made?

In other words: is the program promising their clients the sun, moon and stars when it comes to their treatment? If so, this is a massive red flag that needs to be addressed immediately. When an addiction treatment center claims that they can provide results that are immediate, this is their way of telling us that they cannot be trusted for any reason.

3) Are Daily Issues Addressed?

A patient who has allowed themselves to succumb to addiction is a patient who is going to need assistance when it comes to certain aspects of their daily existence. An addict is someone who simply cannot live without drugs or alcohol and they have tailored their entire life around this reality. That’s why the treatment will need to be centered around the idea of reconstructing the patient’s daily living.

4) What About Life Skills?

When a person spends vast amounts of their time pursuing drink and/or drugs, this can keep them from working on all of the necessary life skills that most of us take for granted. The rehabilitation process is not complete once we have been released from the facility. We will need to brush up on certain life skills if we are going to have a clean transition back into our normal daily routines.

5) Is The Staff Courteous?

The staff members at the facility should provide us with a warm and happy feeling when we converse with them. The environment that we place ourselves during the rehabilitation process is very important and if the staff members are not courteous? This places us in a position where our treatment may not go as well as we had hoped. While it may seem like a more trivial concern at a time like this, the friendliness of the staff is going to play a significant role in our healing.


Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers In Malibu California
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