Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Los Angeles

Why More Patients Choose Elevation Behavioral Health for Treatment:

As one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles, Elevation Behavioral Health offers affordable, effective treatment for patients, many of whom have dealt with chronic relapse in their past. Their facility has chosen dual diagnosis as a method of intense treatment for the simple fact that it works. They’ve found that all too often, patients are shuffled in and out of 30-day treatment centers that address the addiction, but fail to diagnose the underlying problem causing the addiction. Properly diagnosing the mental health issue that coexists with the addiction is the first step in being able to treat the patient holistically.

If you or someone you love is battling an addiction, you may have already gone through a treatment program and found it to be ineffective or unable to help you achieve recovery. We invite you to take a closer look at Elevation Behavioral Health to see why it is considered one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles. Click the ‘Mental Health’ link on the website’s home page and select ‘Dual Diagnosis’ from the menu to read more about co-occurring conditions and how EBH treats patients who exhibit signs of having a co-occurring disorder. It starts with a thorough assessment prior to admission, followed by intensive treatment that may well last beyond the typical 30 days most other facilities are convinced is enough to treat all addictions.

Who exactly is at risk for having a co-occurring condition? According to the latest reports coming from top facilities around the world, those with a family history of drug abuse or mental health disorders, those who use drugs or show symptoms of a disorder in adolescence, and those with a personal history of trauma, abuse or family dysfunction- and here’s where statistics are truly telling: people with severe mental disorders are 4 times more likely by be heavy alcohol users, 3 1/2 times more likely to use marijuana regularly, and more than 5 times more likely to be a daily smoker. It’s therefore not so surprising to learn than 7.9 million adults are currently struggling with a co-occurring disorder, in the United States alone.

The increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse can definitely be a challenge when it comes to recovery. Don’t let your past experiences or someone else’s experience dictate the results you can achieve this time around. Elevation Behavioral Health can help you find lifelong recovery from a co-occurring condition through a correct diagnosis of the underlying disorder and effective treatment for addiction. They are known throughout the US as one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles- and for good reason.

We invite you to get connected with the admissions team from EBH now when you call 800-790-7524 or simply fill out the brief contact form online to get started. EBH is pleased to work with a wide range of insurance plans to ensure as many people as possible can get the help they need for addiction co-occurring with a mental health issue. Call now- you’ll be connected with some of the most caring people in the industry.

Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Los Angeles
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